Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Knitting up the Stash

 My knitting skills are very basic...I can cast on & off, knit plain & purl, decrease & increase stitches and that's about it! So, to begin.....where I am with what I know and what I have....various yarns including wool, acrylic and fancy, collection of needles, and a wet weekend cleared of commitments and assignations.....
Seeing no reason to limit myself to one pair of needles, I decide to use half a dozen pairs....doesn't make the job any faster but helps to keep boredom at bay....so many pretty colours!

..........and the stash gradually increases!

At this point I would like to acknowledge all knitters past & present, especially the women & "homemakers" who spent time, love and energy crafting jumpers, baby blankets, knee rugs, for their families, friends & those in need.
May you be remembered with love and appreciation.

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