Friday, May 25, 2012


The simple and delightfully satisfying art of pompom making....a few bits of cardboard, donated yarn of many colours and varieties, some finger knitting thrown in for good luck and.....

                                 soft spheres gently sway
                               reflecting colour and light 
                             what strange fruit are these?

 my favourite: fabulous

Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Foot Feat

Back to I've been knitting obsessively to attain the desired length (or height) of approximately 7 feet, comprising 22 separate pieces, each about 10 inches long & of varying widths.
Quirky factoid: widths established by casting on stitches in prime numbers from 7 to 23.........I like prime numbers. 
This is the basic "tree", but further embellishment is called for.....pompoms! many pompoms, large & small, multicoloured, 
soft & cuddly, fat like ripened fruit ready for the plucking, texturally inviting, eye catching & gob smacking..........I like pompoms. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teddy Clutching Octopus

I become very excited when friends/family clean out their hoards! It usually means that I'm the recipient of odds & ends, bits & pieces, flash & trash that stir the creative juices and conjure apparitions of wondrous manifestations. Of course, the end results seldom (actually, never) approach such giddy heights, but I have fun visualising, planning and playing with all the pretty things. Today's selection comes from Brenda (thank you)...& if I'm not mistaken, that's a psychadelic, multi tentacled, teddy clutching octopus in the making! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Knitting up the Stash

 My knitting skills are very basic...I can cast on & off, knit plain & purl, decrease & increase stitches and that's about it! So, to begin.....where I am with what I know and what I have....various yarns including wool, acrylic and fancy, collection of needles, and a wet weekend cleared of commitments and assignations.....
Seeing no reason to limit myself to one pair of needles, I decide to use half a dozen pairs....doesn't make the job any faster but helps to keep boredom at many pretty colours!

..........and the stash gradually increases!

At this point I would like to acknowledge all knitters past & present, especially the women & "homemakers" who spent time, love and energy crafting jumpers, baby blankets, knee rugs, for their families, friends & those in need.
May you be remembered with love and appreciation.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Initiating GraffitiKnit Manouvres

My first graffitiknit gig, to coincide with International Yarnbombing Day, June 11th

 It all begins with inspiration and one of the best books on the subject: Yarn Bombing, the Art of Crochet & Knit Graffiti by Mandy Moore & Leanne Prain.


Location, location, location! 
For my initiatory action = the General Store Community Art Group building.....looking a little drab and bare, could do with some colour & interest.


Collection of knitting wool & needles.....I have decided to use only donated wool (from family, friends, colleagues) and if I really must buy something, its going to be from garage sales, thrift stores, market stalls (easing my conscience via second hand consumerism).


The Plan: take measurements of the target, draw up rough guide for the tag, write it all down in my Art Journal in case of copyright disputes (ha ha)

Ready to rock & roll....or in this case, sit & knit..!