Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's On!

Transported my knitted stash to the General Store Community Arts building....
got to work while people dropped into the gallery, drove past craning for a look & interrupted their dog walking and shopping to stop for a chat... 

First step = tie all knitted bands into place, onto one of the  verandah poles. I had previously sewn 4 or 5 bands together, with attached yarn for ties, to speed up the process.

Once all the knitted bands were up, the back was sewn together to close any gaps and loose threads were tidied.
Now for the pompoms..... 

Pompoms of many colours and various sizes, looking quite delicious swaying in the breeze....certainly brought smiles to onlookers' faces as well as the occasional look of perturbed perplexity and confusion.

Some lovely locals with their doggie Belle, who were quite happy to have their photo taken even with the threat of having it posted in cyberspace. 

So......first gig done & dusted
                           .........what's next?

                 Watch this space!

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